It's a memorandum about the things I have made or I am making, or I will make and the cats I live with.

by tedukurinoheya

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My daughter passed the university entrance exam. Fooray!

By now, I bought a suit, hiheels, a coat and a bag for her.

Some say buying too many things means spoiling, but

what sort of preasure would I have
if I couldn't dress up my dearest daughter?

So,,, Here I am, again, I made these thing for her.
A pair of earings.


Another pair. These looks big but the fluffy bits are only less than 2cm.

Well, I made some more.

The biggest fluff is a bag charm.

She's gonna use it later on this year, 'cos it's getting warm already.

They look better in real than the photos.

by tedukurinoheya | 2015-03-06 21:23 | accessory