It's a memorandum about the things I have made or I am making, or I will make and the cats I live with.

by tedukurinoheya

Bead Necklace

I made a pendant top with Swarovski glass beads and pearl beads.

I gave it to my ex-student who entered university last April.

Here's another.
This is for my daughter to wear in a koto concert.

The ribbon makes it a choker and it looks much more classy.

She has grown to be a beautiful lady.

I am ever so lucky to have a baby girl.

# by tedukurinoheya | 2012-09-11 22:29 | bead



I made this hook,,,


when this house was built.

I kept left-over wood and made some curvings.

The new walls and the hook go really well.

How I could make such a thing I wonder.

I don't fell like being capable of making this now.

# by tedukurinoheya | 2012-09-08 00:25

Completing the Wall

It seemed too dark when wet

but is really a good color dry. Pure white make us feel chilly.


This looks more like real color.

Set some hooks too.

I can hang a parasol and a shoe-horn on them.

I shall buy a shoe-horn when I find a nice one.

This is the sight from the entrance door.

I think it will bring in good energy.(´∀`)♪

It looks like newly built! Ha!


∮ ∮ ∮ ∮ ∮ ∮ ∮ ∮ ∮ ∮ ∮ 

Oops, now I have to notice the mustiness of the old walls.!!(゚Д ゚;)!!

This took 2 big boxes of kieselguhr, a trowel,
and masking tape, which means 20000yen.

If I have had it done, how much would it have cost?
An entrance and 6.5m corridor would have been?

The labor cost must be greater than the materials.

# by tedukurinoheya | 2012-09-08 00:20 | interia