It's a memorandum about the things I have made or I am making, or I will make and the cats I live with.

by tedukurinoheya


Rip, rip, rip!

I knew once it was peeled I was gonna have to complete it.


Covered up where it shouldn't be painted.

I found masking tape with plastic sheet at DIY shop

so that when the skirting board is masked,

the floor is covered, too!

The rest of the floor is taken care of with newspapers.
I used normal masking tape except the floor.

Mix kieselguhr up!

Plaster requires rubber gloves because it's alkalic
but kieselguhr can be handled with bare hands.

Most of the wall is plaster board but partly wood

that I can hung frames.

I applied putty to cover the dent of screws
and the slits between boards.

Put kieselguhr on the wall with sponge.

It's Fujiwara Chemical made.

It's 8800yen for a big box that covers about 10㎡.

Smooth the spoged surface with a trowel called Smoody.

This trowel has two plastic blades that the pressure is exarted
evenly to flatten the surface.

One door's done.

Wow, it's rather easy!

One side of the corridor is done. Well done!

Took tha whole box for one side.(@@)

And I found labor of painting makes me hungry.
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Rakugan is one of Japanese sweets
that insists of sugar and very fine rice pouder.

Finely grinded once steamed sticky rice is called "mijinko".


We prepared some water with food colour to make it slightly red and blue.

Add some coloured water into the sugar and mix it with finger tips.
Add mijinko to it.

These are molds. Some are made of plastic, some are porcelain.
The wooden mold is really expencive as 10000yen.

Stuff the mixture itnto the mold and cram in.

Then, smack the mold from bihind to take it out.

Look at it done!
Hydrangeas, roses, and lotus buds.

Chrysanthemum and gourd.
I took them back home and had very strong green tea.

Time went by so slowly.

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Embroidered Basket Inner

I like baskets a lot.

There is a shop "Kagoya" that sells mainly grapevine
and walnut bark baskets in Koenji, Tokyo.

This is the second basket from that shop.

This came empty.

To make it special and easy to use,
I added several things in it.

First of all...

The inner.

A person carries regular things all the time. The basics.

If all of the items have their own pocket?

Now, I can fined everything without looking into it. ;)

How nice♪

It also has a flap attached with buttons to the hem of the inner
so that purse and all of other items can be covered.

It makes the basket much safer, too.


The outside of the flap looks like this. All hand-embroidered.

It took a month to do so.

The base cloth already had patterns,
but embroidery made it really posh!

It can go with usual western style clothes as well as pop kimono.

When I wore a gray wool coat with a hood and check tsumugi kimono
I was actually stopped by a complete stranger and asked,
"Where on earth did you get this coat and kimono? And THIS basket?!"

There are many who want to wear kimono casually, but it is
rather difficult to coordinate really casual without being kitsch or cheapish.

I'm not really young. I have a high school student daughter.

Still, I want to wear something different from others in a good way.

To do so, maybe making this kind of rare things helpes, I guess.

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