It's a memorandum about the things I have made or I am making, or I will make and the cats I live with.

by tedukurinoheya

A Bookshelf

I disliked the book shelf that has been in my room for ages.

after the long years, I dicided to make a better one myself.

With this new guy.

My old impact driver was broken two years ago.

I have wanted to buy a new one and looked for

the one with good review.

Since I had so many points from the trip with my mum

I used them to perchase it.

Oh! Isn't it smooth?!

The design I drew was as simple as usual.

After cutting some wood, I made the frame of the shelf.

How's this?

This is exactly what I wanted!

Nice size!

I applied some planks into the frame using some pegs

so that they didn't fall over.

The pegging was a great idea to hold the major in place.

To avoid writing lines with a pencil,

using sticky to mark.

And it was again one of the best ideas I came up with.

It doesn't leave any marks and I can drill through it!


Shelves are all fixed in!

Then, to put pillers in, I tried to apply some planks again.

On this pic, the pillers are just standing, not fixed.

I had no idea how to make pillers in straight line.

I thought about it for a night.




It's done!

Shall we put everything back into this new shelf?



Isn't it well done?!

This is the diagonal view!


Even my cat loves it!

Now I'm plannning to make drawers in the bottom shelf.

How can I do it?

Should I use cardboard, or wood?

It's gonna be the next story...

# by tedukurinoheya | 2017-04-28 23:00 | wood

Christmas 2015

I happen to have many English paperbacks and

some of them have been left unread on a shelf for years.

I decided to take 'em out of the shelf this year

not to read again but to make this,,,

And this,,,

Then, I hung 'em all over the house and under the reaths.


Some are on the curtain rail.


They sway with slight wind looking frail.

But actually rather strong.

Love them.

# by tedukurinoheya | 2015-12-16 10:05 | paper


My daughter passed the university entrance exam. Fooray!

By now, I bought a suit, hiheels, a coat and a bag for her.

Some say buying too many things means spoiling, but

what sort of preasure would I have
if I couldn't dress up my dearest daughter?

So,,, Here I am, again, I made these thing for her.
A pair of earings.


Another pair. These looks big but the fluffy bits are only less than 2cm.

Well, I made some more.

The biggest fluff is a bag charm.

She's gonna use it later on this year, 'cos it's getting warm already.

They look better in real than the photos.

# by tedukurinoheya | 2015-03-06 21:23 | accessory